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Teebs - LSP (w/ visual)

Gold and Soil - Of Our Earth


Ras G // Live From SpaceBase Vol.1 (Mixtape)

currently enjoying this mixtape.
click on the image to link to his website.

A really beautiful friend of mine always encouraged me to make mixes of things i play at SpaceBase. So here we are…2 years later….
With the first of many mixes like these i hope to be sharing with u all
I hope all is well and in love with u and yours out there in the world…
Wanna thank u all 4 checking out mix i play stuff i love that i think u might love….any comments or feedback is appreci-loved and never hated!

Htp and Divine Love


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higherplane - high blurr


TEEBS - Lullabies of Unsuitable Placement (Part 1)

11:30 and 15:50 are great. the whole thing is great

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Devonwho - Perfect Strangers vol.2


artist: Devonwho
release name: Perfect Strangers Vol.2 
format /type: digital /EP
label: self-released
country: USA
release date: 15 August 2012
genre: electronic, ambient, downtempo, beats, experimental
buy link: http://devonwho.bandcamp.com/album/perfect-strangers-vol-2

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—Untitled 5


Teebs: Untitled #5
(Cecilia Tapes Collection, 2012)